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1% Fee
Silver Package

1.5% Fee
Bronze Package

  • Everything in 1% plus virtual staging
  • Minimum of 10 Open House Days
  • Email blast to all in-house Agents for premarket and during market phase.
  • E-flyers sent out to over 2,000 Agents before your home hits the market and during
  • Transaction Coordination Services to keep you in the loop from start to finish. (Transaction Management Software Updates [An automated timeline to share with all parties on upcoming deadlines and due dates], Disclosure IO [An application to organize Disclosure packages and given access to download the package by Buyer Agents], and E-signature integration [Docusign/Ziplogix application supports remote initial/signatures complimentary for your clients to sign documents anywhere anytime.])
  • Target direct mailing to drive more buyers to your property and Open House.

2% Fee
Gold Package

  • Everything included in the silver plus 360 Professional Video Package that also includes shots of your neighborhood.
  • Prepping services: Decluttering, Project Management, and any Home Improvement Repairs. (Certain restrictions apply)*
  • Moving Services
  • Carpet Cleaning Service
  • Staging Team: Work with our interior designers to make your house shine in its best light.
  • Online Advertising Exposure

3% Fee
Platinum Package

*Selling Fee Commission is not included please ask agent for details

  • If needed, help coordinating permits for property expansions.
  • Complimentary Tax Advise
  • Legal Investment advice
  • 1031 Exchange intermediators Architectural Draft Services: Our In-house Architect Team can design and print custom home plans. (Certain restrictions apply)*
  • Complimentary Contract Review by an in-house Attorney if needed.
  • TV Ad to showcase your home on local TV providers (Comcast, Direct TV, etc.)

*Talk to an Elite Agent for more details on these services.

Why Choose Elite?

All Packages are hand tailored to fit your individualize needs. With Elite we do more compared to other brokerages. Let’s start getting your home ready to sell today!

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